EnOcean/Digital Concepts/IBM Webinar 9. Dec | 2pm

Join John Corbett from EnOcean, Oliver Fischer from Digital Concepts and Raymond Lloyd from IBM as they discuss and demonstrate how low cost wired electronic sensors and switches allow many buildings to have localised control of the immediate environment. Wireless IoT controllers are adding new dimensions to this, transmitting data back to cloud based platforms that perform analytics without the inconvenience of having to run local cabling. Whilst wireless sensors offer considerable flexibility and low installation costs they are typically battery powered causing considerable maintenance overhead due to battery replacement etc.

This webinar overviews EnOcean’s range of Self Powered Wireless IoT building sensors. These sensors are wireless and battery-less getting energy from motion, heat and light giving users a fit and forget solution requiring no maintenance.
Communicating via an EnOcean to IP platform that is fully approved for IBM’s Watson IoT Platform and Solutions using Bluemix to interact directly with asset systems like Tririga and Maximo.

Join in!