JSON Adminstrator API

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JSON Adminstrator API

Administrator API


The Administrator API enables a client to use the same functions as in normal JSON API. But in addition CRUD (create, update, delete) operations on device and gateway resources are also allowed.

Firmware 0.99.1 is recommended to work with Admin API.



The Admin API can be accessed via a different login (User/Password) on HTTP basic authentication level

To use Admin-API, just login to the JSON API with the user "admin" and the password defined in the API settings in the WebUI


Additional exposed Functions are:

Put the Gateway in Learn-In Mode (Listen to Learn-In Telegrams over the air)

Create a device

Update a device

Delete a device

Streaming Admin-API (get all the information from the gateway over one channel)


Reference Client for Admin-API in Java

We have released a Java reference Client to facilitate the programming on Client side.

You can download it here: Java Admin Client