Asynchronous Communication

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Asynchronous Communication

Asynchronous Requests

The handling of incoming and outgoing requests is by design asynchronous for all calls which are related to EnOcean telegrams being sent out by the gateway.

This is due to the EnOcean Communication protocol where some devices don't confirm the reception of a telegram and other devices are not always listening to the radio (i.e. they sleep for a certain period of time). So the time between sending out a request to a EnOcean device and receiving an answer is not predictable.

This means, that when a client sends an action request to the gateway because it wants to change the state of a device (PUT /devices/{deviceid}/state), the gateway answers in general with OK which means that the request was transmitted correctly from the client to the gateway and the gateway was able to send out the command over the air. The answer from the device will not come over the same channel (or HTTP Response) but will be actively sent to all clients connected to streaming API.

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asynchronous device commnunication