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With ‘help’, all actual commands and with a short description are listed. One can also get the help information with sending just a carriage return at the beginning of an empty line.

User Command/Request


Gateway Response Example

help;available commands

help;set;eol=:     customize end of line output (set;eol=\r\n)

help;set;visible=: customize visible fields (set;visible=friendlyId,valueKey,unit,meaning)

help;login:        enable access to gateway (login;password=xyz)

help;devices:      show registered devices

help;state:        show last states of devices

help;send:         send actions to a device (send;deviceId=...;function=value;function=value)

help;date:         show current system time of gateway

help;version:      show version of Digital Concepts Gateway

help;systemInfo:   show baseId and EURID of gateway

help;help:         show this information