Learn-In Procedures

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Learn-In Procedures

Learn-In procedures

The gateway supports all types of Learn-In, though it can be confusing with the different procedures. We have written a manual you can download here that explains how to learn-in the most common devices while showing the different procedures.

Learning in a device into the Gateway is a two step procedure.


First Step:

The Device and the Gateway get to know each other. This is done by sending Learn-in telegrams from and to the two parties. In a later version of the gateway, there will be more options here like the ability to use Remote Management/Remote Commissioning or by scanning a QR-Code from an App.

The devices appear in the Web Interface under the menu "New Devices", have internally the state "operable=false" and are not yet in the internal database. Once the device passes the second step, it will be saved in the database.


Second Step:

The user has to fill out at least the FriendlyName via the Web interface; devices based on RORG F6 (e.g. Window Handles or Liquid detectors) require additional information about the Profile (F6-XX-XX) or even the DeviceId in case of a manual Learn-In. After providing the necessary information, the device is stored in the database by pressing OK or Apply. It is now "operable=true" and will from this moment on work over the APIs.


For an overview, the following methods are supported:

Learn-In telegram initiated by the device - Pairing finished

This is the most common learn-in procedure. You put the gateway in learn-in mode and initiate a learn-in telegram to be sent out from the device. In this case, the following learn-ins are available:

receivedRps (F6)

received1Bs (D5)

received4Bs (A5)

4BS Teach-in Variation 3

Universal Teach-In (UTE)

Smart-Acknowledgment (Smart-Ack)


Learn-In telegram initiated by the device - Pairing has to be completed manually

This is the learn-in procedure for bidirectional devices that do not use neither UTE nor Smart-Ack nor 4BS Teach-in Variation 3. After having received the Learn-In from the device, you have to manually send out a learn-in to the device. This can be done via the tab "communication" in the Web-Interface. This is as for now the case for:

receivedRps (F6)

received4Bs (A5)


Complete manual Learn-In - Pairing has to be completed manually

This is the least best option to learn-in devices. It is basically the same as option Nr. 2, but you do not receive a Learn-In telegram from the device. Instead you enter the deviceId, EEP and the FriendlyName by hand in the appropriate fields and continue with the manual pairing from step 2.This is as for now the case for:

receivedRps (F6)


For examples on how to Learn-In different devices please refer to

Learn-in procedure on the website www.enocean-gateway.eu