Simple API

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Simple API

Sending Telegrams:


To send out a telegram to the actuator, you have to send the following commands over the API:


To turn the actuator on:


To turn the actuator off:




Sending Telegrams using the "default" option:


if you look at the profile D2-01-09 (JSON, PDF, html), you can see that the parameter "rampingMode" has a default value. If you don´t set the parameter, the default value will be used instead. A valid command  also would look like:


To turn the actuator on:


To turn the actuator off:




Receiving Telegrams:

Telegrams sent from the device to the gateway produce a event on the API which looks like this:


Actutator has been switched off:

telegram;deviceId=019498D3;friendlyId=Permundo;timestamp=2015-10-16T17:41:37.058 0200;direction=from;dimValue=0(Output value 0% or OFF)

Actuator has been switched on: