DELETE /devices/{deviceId}

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DELETE /devices/{deviceId}

DELETE a device

To delete a device, simply call DELETE /devices/{deviceID} with the corresponding deviceID.

The gateway will:

answer the request

delete the device

issue a "device" notification on the streaming API that the device has been deleted


Client to Gateway:

Resource Path

HTTP method





The example shows the request for the gateway to delete a device

DELETE /devices/002B6CB5


Gateway answer for a successful DELETE call:



  "header": {

    "httpStatus": 200,

    "gateway": "DC-GW/EO-IP v0.98.22",

    "timestamp": "2015-12-14T12:13:12.713+0100"






Gateway answer for a failed DELETE call:


  "header": {

    "httpStatus": 400,

    "code": 3000,

    "message": "unknown device 002B6CB5",

    "gateway": "DC-GW/EO-IP v0.98.22",

    "timestamp": "2015-12-14T12:14:28.426+0100"




Gateway Streaming admin-API after a successful DELETE call


  "header" : {
    "content" : "device",
    "timestamp" : "2015-12-14T12:17:02.176+0100"
  "device" : {
    "deviceId" : "002B6CB5",

    "friendlyId" : "MyRocker",
    "deleted" : true