QR Code for existing Sensors

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QR Code for existing Sensors


The IoT learn-in mechanism can also be used for existing unidirectional sensors (including rocker buttons).

As there is no ReMan/ReCom functionality with existing devices, all the information needed to learn in a device must be transmitted in the QR Code.

The QR Code has to be build backwards with the existing information to comply to the device information.

The first two and the last Identifier are used (EURID,  ProductId and Name of the device), the third identifier can contain random values.


The Smart EnOcean QR-Code Variation for existing unidirectional devices is defined as follows:

The necessary Information about the device for the gateway is:

oEURID (EnOcean Unique Radio Identifier )

oManufacturer ID

oEEP Used

oName of the device -> will be used to create the FriendlyName


The ManufcturerId (1Pxxxxxxxxxxxx) will be used to store

oThe manufacturer ID from Digital Concepts (4B) = 1P and the next 4 bytes

the flag for the gateway that the learn-in should handle existing sensors = 1P004B

oThe manufacturer of the device = 0C (for example PROBARE, ViCOS GmbH)


oThe EEP in original notation for the next 6 Byes (for example D5-00-01)



The Name of the device (20Zxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) that will be used for the creation of the friendlyName. The gateway will append numbers to the name to create uniqueness:


Example QR Text

We assume a device (Window Contact) for which we want to build a QR-Code.

EURID:                        FEFEAE38

ManufacturerId:                0C (PROBARE, ViCOS GmbH)

EEP                        D5-00-01

Name                        RockerButton


QR-Code for the IoT Learn-In:



Example QR Picture

QR-Code looks like this:



QR-Codes can be produced for example here: http://www.qrcode-generator.de/