Internet of Things Device

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Internet of Things Device


The upcoming InternetOfThings requires EnOcean Hardware devices to be mass market compatible. The overall agreement is that End User should not be bothered with complicated Learn-In procedures.

These requirements for IoT compatible EnOcean Hardware can be met by combining already existing EnOcean Specifications into an IoT Label, which can then be given to devices that meet these requirements.

InternetOfThings hardware must fulfill the following requirements:

Product ID (QR-Code)

Remote Management

Remote Commissioning

Device Definition File

Security over Radio


When a device complies to all of theses specifications it gets an IoT-Seal as proof. These devices are in preparation but do not yet exist.


IoT Learn-In Example

The Learn-In procedure for InternetOfThings hardware will look like this:

User scans a new hardware with an appropriate App

The App transmits the QR-Code to the gateway

The gateway gets the Device Definition File (ReCom-Information about the device) from the central DDF repository (hosted by EnOcean Alliance)

The gateway creates a new device in state "operable=false" and sends the Information over the streaming-admin API

As soon as the gateway gets its first telegram from the IoT device, it starts the ReMan/ReCom procedure and pairs the device with the gateway

The gateway changes the device state to "operable=true" and sends the Information over the streaming-admin API

The device can be used.



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