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API Live Demo

We have connected a gateway to the public network in order to provide and insight to both REST- and Simple-API without having to own a gateway. Feel free to send commands to both APIs, test the built-in functions or just explore the possibilities.

The gateway is designed in such a way that there is no limit in the number of parallel RESTful or Simple API connections.

Please use the following Login to access our RESTful API Demo:

User: user
Password: user


To test the Simple API please follow the instructions.


The Smart Solution EnOcean is available in the online store of Premier Farnell (element14).

Crestron modules are available in the Crestron Application Market.



Connecting Worlds

The Smart EnOcean Solution brings EnOcean wireless standard, both sensors and actuators,   into the IP world. Batteryless EnOcean sensors can be easily connected to the internet based applications. This scenario is the foundation of the Internet of Things (IoT). In a completely interoperable network, collected data can be used for intelligent control of various devices – regardless of technology used, radio frequency or manufacturer.


Energy Harvesting, or the ability to generate and gather energy from the environment, makes the EnOcean-Technology very attractive. It meets the requirements and demands of a modern and green IoT landscape. The protocol’s RF transmission  is done only sporadicaly because of the energy harvesting nature of devices, which posed a great challenge when trying to integrate the complex EnOcean protocol. Therefore were the devices difficult to control, until now. The programming interface developed by Digital Concepts allows for an easy and fast integration of EnOcean devices into the respective target application.