See it for yourself!

We have connected a gateway to the public network in order to provide and insight  to both REST- and Simple-API without having to own a gateway. Feel free to  send commands to both APIs, test the built-in functions or just explore the possibilities.

The gateway is designed in such a way that there is no limit in the number of parallel RESTful or Simple API connections.

Currently there are  multiple devices learned-in and connected to the gateway. Some of the devices are cyclically  sendingelegrams , meaning that even the streaming API can be observed in action.

Both the RESTful API and the Simple API are available for testing.


The underlying hardware has limited resources and delays can be expected in case of  many simultaneous client connections. It is also possible for the remote commands to be overwritten by later commands  issued by another client.

The gateway is working in a sandbox mode and no harm can be done through the API. Feel free to run through all possible (and impossible) commands. If  something is not working as you expected, we would be  grateful for your  feedback and suggestions. For security reasons the web-based administration is disabled, you can not apply functions such as learning-in or deleting devices.