EnOcean enters the consumer market

Stuttgart, Reichelsheim, –. July 2018.

Intelligent and batteryless Smart Home components which are based on the EnOcean wireless standard, connect to the Apple world (iOS App, Siri, HomePod) via the HomeKit certified EnOcean Gateway. Finally, there is a solution that is consumer friendly, but still meets professional requirements.

The first devices entering the market end of August are the Opus® SmartHome Gateway and a set of sensors and actuators from JÄGER DIREKT. Originally the gateway, developed by Digital Concepts, was designed for professional digital building solutions, connecting to IBM Watson and Microsoft Azure. But now, since it was certified for HomeKit, it also can be combined and controlled with various components within the Apple HomeKit world (iOS App, Siri, HomePod). The Opus® SmartHome Gateway complies with Apple’s strict implementation guidelines and usability requirements. The real uniqueness of the Opus® solution however is the EnOcean Energy Harvesting technology used in the sensors. This allows battery and cable less installation so it is maintenance free, easy to install, cost effective thus perfect for retrofitting homes.

By end of August, the Opus® SmartHome Gateway and HomeKit compatible products will be available to electricians via the JÄGER DIREKT online shop, and to consumers via Tink, the expert for all Connected Home products.

JÄGER DIREKT is the first one to move and builds his OPUS® SmartHome Gateway on the Software and Hardware of Digital Concepts. There is not better solution than the EnOcean Gateway at present, if manufacturers of EnOcean based devices want to be successful in the consumer market.

“We worked with JÄGER DIREKT in many projects, that is why we are very confident to have the perfect partner to enter the market with this new category of Smart-Home-Solution. Our HomeKit certified Gateway connects the professional EnOcean world with the consumer world like Siri voice control”, explains Marek Machacek, sales director at Digital Concepts. “We support many members of the EnOcean Alliance. We are fully convinced that EnOcean Vendors benefit from this technology, simply because it will be highly appreciated by the users due to Apple HomeKit”.

HomeKit certification for Digital Concepts Gateway

„We are very happy about the certification by Apple. This way it reaches the long-awaited consumer level of user experience and usability and finally increases the attractiveness of the proven OPUS®-System.” Thomas Jäger, managing director at JÄGER DIREKT, points out and continues: “This way Smart Home is now feasible for everyone – available as a flexible System adapting to all levels of requirements and the easiest retrofittable components in the market.”

The EnOcean technology combines the standardized energy efficient 868,3 MHz radio with Energy Harvesting. The devices generate the required energy from light, heat or kinetic sources. The EnOcean data is transmitted up to 30 Meters even through walls. Digital Concepts is now recognized as the leading software specialist for gateways. The DC-OS Software translates the EnOcean messages bidirectionally into IP and is able to connect the devices simultaneously into various cloud and local IOT networks, such as IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure, and now also HomeKit.

JÄGER DIREKT offers such a Smart Home System under his Opus® GreenNet brand. It consists of battery less window contacts, smoke-, water-, temperature, humidity and other switches and actuators.


JÄGER DIREKT- Jäger Fischer GmbH & Co.
KG, is an owner-operated manufacturer and distributer of electric products for buildings. The company delivers to a vast Network of electricians and construction companies. Together with the affiliates in Austria, Netherlands and the German Headquarter there are over 250 employees. Their most successful product assortments produced in Germany are OPUS® switch program, DELUNA® recessed spotlights, VOTHA® distribution cabinets, JUMBO® cable reels und SIROX® mobile power supplies. www.jaeger-direkt.com

About Digital Concepts
Digital Concepts (DC) was founded by Steffen Hahn and Gernot Müller in 2012. The company is specialized on innovative building automation based on batteryless EnOcean technology. Following the trend of low energy, climate neutral technology DC focuses on the EnOcean Alliance to support manufacturers and software companies as well in the communication between sensors, actuators and networks and in cloud development. DC is a member of the Board of Directors and the Technical Working Group of the EnOcean Alliance (
www.enocean-alliance.org ), and offers OEM software and hardware for the interoperability between EnOcean protocol and IP based systems such as IBM, Microsoft, Amazon and Apple HomeKit.


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